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Plingspot was founded like many other companies: out of a frustration with an available service and an unfilled need. Plingspot started in 2013 as a product of telecom provider Ravonet. One of the reasons for this was that the adventurers of Ravonet got a lot of requests for help and bad remarks about social Wi-Fi providers which they did not even know the name of.

What are we going to do then? Offer free help and be surprised by the solutions offered in the market or build a well-functioning Social WiFi solution that completely fulfills the needs of the customer?

U might already guessed it, we chose the latter! The adventurers of Ravonet started creating and developing a Social WiFi product that  continued under the independent name Plingspot since 2017.

Global company

Plingspot has grown out to a global company. Plingspot has implementations in over 60 countries and has partners ranging from small local IT companies to big telecom providers around the world.

Plingspot stands for innovative, reliable and smart solution. We therefore remain faithful to this idea and to our supporters. Grassroots Plingspotters, customers and users continue to build the Plingspot family. Together we grow across the world and we find ways to create even more value for each other.

We are currently operating from…



New York

New Delhi