Pling Social WiFi

A secure wireless hotspot in the Cloud with a clever free marketing tool.

Know your customers

Your online marketing will expand for free by your own customers into your own global online branded marketing tool. Thanks to Pling, our Social WiFi solution in the cloud, you will actually get something back for the WiFi you provide as an entrepreneur. Social marketing has never been this important. With Pling as a marketing tool, you can easily and very beneficial give your business an online boost via all major social networks. You won’t have to invest in expensive marketing campaigns and reach your audience in a direct way.


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Our socials

You can decide youtself on which social media channels you want boost your business! You choose the buttons and with that the online social media marketing strategy. This way you can build a relationship between your company and your guests. For example, by liking your Facebook page your customers stay updated through your Facebook page.

Or you can set up a loyalty program with the visitors by asking them for their email address. There are, in addition to Facebook and email a lot more options such as: Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, CheckIns or a special action page. All in all, enough options to design your landing page entirely to your own taste.

A secure wireless hotspot in the Cloud with a clever free marketing tool

Choose the most innovative WLAN solution in the world. With features such as data analysis, many connection possibilities and custom splash pages in your own corporate identity you keep in control of the marketing strategy of your organisation

Maximum flexibility
If your organisation grows, than Pling can instantly expand with you. You can’t wish for more flexibility.

24-7 maximum reliability
The Social WiFi platform we are using is developed by our own development department and is executed redundant. Our technical specialists are watching 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over our services. Without our partners or end customers noticing anything.


Automatic online word-to-mouth advertisement


Expanding your brand awareness by using Facebook Check Ins or Likes and more followers on Twitter and Instagram


Globally or per location your own marketing strategy


Free, fast and easy access for your customers, the way you want it


Information about your customers


Analytical management information possible

Connection possibilities

Decide yourself via which social media networks you want to boost your business online. You can choose the connection possibilities in the Pling Portal and therewith your online social media marketing campaign. In this way you can built a relation between your company and your guests. Through a Facebook Check In all the friends of your guest can see that this guest visited your location. Via a (non obligatory) Facebook Like does your guest stay up-to-date of your online updates.

Data Analysis

With Pling Social WiFi you can be sure that you are always using the latest marketing possibilities. For example the smart features such as measuring the age and checking the gender of your visitors, but also making your online-offline marketing strategy possible.

Plug & Play

Our Pling Social WiFi is delivered as a small access point which can be installed as Plug & Play within your current network. The Pling Hotspot works on any type of internet connection in the world. It won’t get any easier than this.

Custom splash pages

The add-on Pling Your World offers the opportunity to customize the splash page of your Pling Hotspot in your own corporate identity. Beside the option Pling Your World does Pling offer multiple free splash page templates.

Guests and Secured WiFi

The add-on Pling Secure provides the ability to turn on, besides the guest WiFi network, also a secured WiFi network. With this function your own WiFi network is separated from your guest WiFi and are higher speeds and other security settings possible.

Companies and Venues Links

The add-on Multi Company gives you the possibility to get a clear overview on all your registered companies and connected venues. In a smart overview you will clearly see your entire marketing strategy.

CRM Integration

The add-on Pling Connect offers CRM and ERP integration with almost every system for a more efficient and customer-friendly service. You can benefit from the clever features. For example sending newsletters via external systems or automatically updating your customer information within your own CRM system.

Pling has become the number one Social WiFi platform in the world. By listening to our partners and customers, from sole traders to international organizations. What is your wish?