What is Social WiFi?

Do you have WiFi?

That’s a question you probably often heard as an entrepreneur! Therefor Ravonet has developed a handy marketing tool that allows you to deliver Social WiFi on your own WiFi network! Your client can make free use of your WiFi network by accessing the Pling Social WiFi hotspot by only one simple action. For example, by liking your company’s Facebook, by entering their email address, following you on Twitter or viewing your personal action page. This way your customers will become through the Pling hotspot your largest online marketers in exchange for free WiFi. A good deal!

When a client connects to Social WiFi it will, upon connection, show your personal splash page which will be fully designed for. Your client gets at first glance a professional impression of your company. Then, the visitor can choose on which button to click to be free of charge connected with your Social WiFi. You can select the buttons, upload promotions and track how intensively your Social Wi-Fi is used in your control panel.

Social Media channels

You can decide youtself on which social media channels you want boost your business! You choose the buttons and with that the online social media marketing strategy. This way you can build a relationship between your company and your guests. For example, by liking your Facebook page your customers stay updated through your Facebook page.

Or you can set up a loyalty program with the visitors by asking them for their email address. There are, in addition to Facebook and email a lot more options such as: Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, CheckIns or a special action page. All in all, enough options to design your landing page entirely to your own taste.